Friday, August 20, 2010

My World

I know I've been quiet. I have been sort of spun into a world where joy and sorrow now co-exist. Beautifully. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for the grace of God each day. I have hope. I have things to look forward to. I am not moving on, I am marching ahead---not farther from Hannah, but closer to her for Eternity.

There is still a hole in my heart. She filled that space the instant I knew she even existed and when she left, she took that with her. But I know where that treasure lies. I know for certain.

What a path it has been. Saturday marks 11 months. I can't believe it. Next month, her birthday. Her first Birthday in Heaven. And the path continues. I journey through new emotions. I journey through old ones, too.

I am richly blessed by wonderful friendships. I am so richly blessed, in ways I would not be had she not gone. I try not to think on that alternate universe where things played out as expected. Where she lived. How it would be now. How I would be complete---yet empty. Losing her has filled me, yet left me incomplete. Again, the co-mingling of joy and sorrow.


a face I remember
when I close my eyes
dream dreams of

a face I remember
full of beauty and grace
drove me to my knees

a face I wish I
could gaze into her eyes
seeing hope and a
sparkle of

I love you sweet girl.

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