Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Get Along Without You Very Well

I had this song in my head all day yesterday, and not because I heard it or anything. I sang it in chorus in the 7th grade. I think that was the last time I heard it. But it was in my head. It was making me think of Hannah.

I get along without you very well
Of course I do
Except when soft rains fall
And drip from leaves, then I recall
The thrill of being sheltered in your arms
Of course, I do
But I get along without you very well

I've forgotten you just like I should
Of course I have
Except to hear your name
Or someone's laugh that is the same
But I've forgotten you just like I should

What a guy, what a fool am I
To think my breaking heart could kid the moon
What's in store? Should I phone once more?
No, it's best that I stick to my tune

I get along without you very well
Of course I do
Except perhaps in spring
But I should never think of spring
For that would surely break my heart in two.

Not that the song necessarily applies, but as I went about my day I felt an emptiness. I thought of others with their children in their arms. I hurt for my family. I hurt for my daughter and thought of how I really do get along.

Not very well.


  1. Just sending you love as you miss Miss Hannah!

  2. We all really do get along...and not very well. Just like you said. Thinking of you!(((HUGS)))

  3. I can see where this song can apply. People say we should forget our babies and get along...if something reminds us of our babies we shouldn't think of it.

    However we all know better. *hugs* Thinking of you and Hannah.

  4. Oh Katy...bless your heart. Loving you.

    OH--you sang that song in 7th grade?? We sang the Fifty, Nifty United States!