Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hannah---and a present for one of you

Today is Hannah's First Birthday in Heaven. My husband took off today and we have a few things planned to do as a family followed by dinner with my parents tonight.

Today is hard already. Picturing that sweet little girl tht never got a chance. Knowing all that we, that she, will miss out on. Trying to remember she has so much more than any of that now.

A lot of my family has seemed to have forgotten her. It makes me sad. If she were here, they'd be fighting to hold her. She's not here and they don't even speak her name. Besides my parents, two aunts and a few other people, really my family support is non-existent. I'll put that aside and just hope that in their hearts she is thought of from time to time.

The support from other BLM's is amazing. Thank you to each and every one of you who posted on my FB wall or sent me an email. Thank you to my sweet friend Andrea as I know she is honoring Hannah with me. Thank you to Kristie and all the ABH girls. Thank you to Antoinette for making Hannah's Birthday an event. The list goes on when it comes to the support I receive from these women who didn't even know me this day last year that Hannah was born. You have no idea how much it means, and so, I'd like to share Hannah's Birthday present with you and have a giveaway. To enter just leave me a comment on how my daughter has affected your life in some way. I'll announce the winner(s) and the prize(s) in the morning.


  1. Oh Katy....just holding you close today. I have, hate, hate, hate and hate more that the loss of your sweet little Hannah is what brought you into my life, but I am so grateful for her and that precious gift.

  2. Remembering your precious Hannah today, and sending many hugs to you. It's so hard to believe so many one year marks have passed/are passing.

    As Lori said above, I'm so glad Hannah introduced us. Our babies gave us amazing gifts through the new friendships we've made.

  3. Happy birthday, Hannah! Thinking of you as I, too, am approaching that milestone. This month leading up to it has definitely been harder emotionally. I'd love to hear how you celebrated it as a family. I'm trying to think of some things to do to mark the occasion mayself.
    God bless you today and always,

  4. Katy,

    Wishing Sweetest Hannah a Happy Heavenly Birthday. Your taking time to honor her life as a family is beautiful and such a tribute to her life. The fact that some seem to not mention her is indeed sad, but I would like to believe they do so in their hearts. I will hold you close in prayer today and always.

    As for how Hannah Katherine has touched my life...

    I've become a more thoughtful, caring and comapssionate person. I try to follow your example Katy and reach out to others who are hurting and offer love and prayers. Through your little girl, you have touched the lives of so many. I think of Hannah always, as her memorial book with all the beautiful scriptures sits on my night table. I reach for "her book" and find inspiration and its where I found strength on many occasions.

    Today, we celebrate the life of a beautiful little girl who leaves such an incredible legacy. Hannah Katherine, we celebrate you, we honor you and we Love you.


    ps Katy, I'm so glad that you have the support that you do from those wonderful friends who love you so much :) I know today is a hard day and I send you extra love and prayers.

  5. I know what you mean about the nonexistent support from relatives. People just don't know how much it means to us for our babies' names to be spoken. They are afraid of seeing us cry without realizing that those tears are tears of love. Sending hugs to you!

  6. Happy birthday to Hannah! Lots of love to you today!!! xoxo

  7. A friend of mine gave me your blog address. Today is my daughter's birthday as well. I woke up crying...I know she is in heaven but I just want her here with me. I am saying a special prayer for Hannah and my daughter, Eden today.

  8. Happy Birthday Hannah !! Thinking of you today and always. Praying for a peaceful day remembering Hannah with you. Sending lots of love.
    I'm working on something special for you. Could you email me your address


  9. Happy Birthday Hannah! Sending love and hugs your way. <3

  10. Happy birthday sweet Hannah. Sending much love to your mommy today. She is such a stong lady! Im sad and happy at the same time we met this way. It sucks to be in the same BLM club but it sure helps to have people to relate to. Much love!!

  11. Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!!!

    Katy, I wish there was more I could have done. I was given a gift when I lost Alyssa and it was our friendship, but I'd gladly trade that in for you to have Hannah back in your arms. It seems so unfair what family can add to this and for that I am heartbroken for you.....And in the same breath I am just THRILLED that Bobby sr is off and you guys get to do some special things today <3 I hope someone is there to accept my package though lol....I cant begin to tell you how heavy my heart has been for you....I just dont know where the time goes....I feel like it was just a few months for you when we met and now its a whole year....*tears*....Hannah has touched my heart in so many ways, and im sure that the memory boxes you do in her name have also touched others as well...you are amazing Katy...i love you!!

  12. Happy Birthday to Hannah...I hope the Heavenly birthdays are even more wonderful than the one she would've had on earth. Thinking of you today as you remember your daughter. I agree, it's nice to have the online support of all these women, especially if your family doesn't quite understand.

  13. First of all..Happy Birthday Hannah! To Katy..I am with you on the family not even mentioning her name anymore..why is that? Thank goodness we have each other though to get through the tough days. Just know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers all day..sending lots of love and hugs your way.

    As for how Hannah has impacted my life..I am not even sure where to begin with this because she has given me you. I don't know if I would have made it through some of my darkest days without you, and the wisdom that was gained from Hannah's birth. I think it is so amazing how such little people can teach us such great things...the things that we should have known, but we weren't able to really get until now. Hannah has taught me to be more loving, and she has given me hope. She has taught me all of those things through you because she is after all a piece of you..:) I guess I want to thank Hannah today for bringing you into my life because you have blessed me more then I can even express.

  14. Happy birthday to Hannah. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    Send some extra love to your mommy today.

    Katy, wishing you peace in your heart as I could only imagine how hard this day is for you. ((HUGS))

  15. Happy birthday beautiful Hannah! Surround your mommy with your sweet love and know that you've touched so many lives with your short earthly life!

    Katy, so much love to you! Lifting y'all in prayer!

  16. Praying for you. Happy birthday, Hannah.

  17. Happy Birthday sweet Hannah!
    Katy, you have been on my mind and in my prayers all day. I pray that today is gentle for your family.
    Because of Hannah, you were the first person in this community that I met after Eli's homegoing. I have been blessed daily by the verses and songs you post on the Praydate blog. I have learned to what it means to gracefully walk this treacherous road with kindness and love by watching the example you have been. You completely personify God's love, grace, and mercy.
    God bless you!

  18. Katy, you are an amazing woman!!! Happy 1st birthday to Hannah! Hannah's story is one of the first stories I read after losing Evan. I was very touched, and horried at the difference in our children's birth stories. I was shocked to say the least that all that happened in 2009, and not 1982. After all that you have brought such peace and comfort to others in Hannah's name. She has touched my life, as well as many others through you. We are all truly blessed by her short life!
    Praying for peace for you and your family!

  19. Wishing your sweet Hannah a very Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday! I think, for me, each time I read about a fellow baby gone too soon, that I hold a peice of each of thier stories in my heart. Each new story fills my head & heart and I for sure spend more time than ever before on my knees praying for these babies & their families.

  20. Happy Birthday sweet little Hannah! Thinking of you Katy and sending you lots of love and hugs today from a distance. I have a candle lit for your Hannah right now.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BABY GIRL!!! Katy you were one of the first ones to reach out to me with Juanito and I can't tell you how much that means to me! Hannah's Hope Project was one of the biggest factors in my starting Juanito's Wish. Thank you for everything you have done for me!!!

  22. Happy Birthday sweet Hannah!!! Katy, though you have not received much family support, you have received SO much BLM "family" support through here and I haven't been able to stop thinking of you today! Hannah is loved, she is remembered and always will be. I've been touched so many ways by this little girl, it's hard to pick just one. I do know, without her I never would have known you! :) xo I hope today was a gentle day for you.

  23. Happy Birthday Hannah. I have been thinking of you all day - I hope your day is going OK.

    Lots of love.


  24. Wishing sweet, precious, Hannah a beautiful birthday in Heaven, today... and wishing her beautiful mommy peace and strength as she remembers and honours her daughter.

    I will always remember crafting Hannah's Christmas ornament last year...it was such a work of love and comfort for me. Nicholas' prayer ring hangs proudly by his table in our home... every time I look at it I imagine our babies living it up together.....

    You are in my heart today, Katy. xx

  25. (((hugs))) happy birthday, Hannah. I have a candle lit right now as well <3

  26. I love you Katy! We had such a nice time today decorating and letting our balloons go. :) We also did some other things, but you will just have to wait for your surprise in the mail to find out what! I know you will love it. Know that you are loved and Hannah will never be forgotten; She will always be in my heart. I think of you both a lot. :) Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!

    I am thankful everyday that I met you. :) I just wish that it was under different circumstances. But I will be happy that our girls brought us together and that I have found a true friend in you. Having such a connection makes me feel like I can completely be myself when talking to you - that is something I don't show to all people. I consider it Hannah's gift to you and I. :)

    I know you must have had a wonderful evening with your parents and Bobby and Bobby and that it must have had some smiles and some tears. What a wonderful way to spend Hannah's birthday though - with the ones you love. I wish I lived closer and I would have been there in a heart beat. But like I said earlier - I was there in spirit, and Hannah was with us here in spirit. :)

    Love you so much!

    XOXO, Andrea

  27. Because Hannah is just as precious as can be. And I know it matters to me to have people remember my Kyle Ann and Brady! ((Big hugs))

  28. NIKI CORONA (JACOB ISRAEL CORONA MOMMY)September 21, 2010 at 9:42 PM


  29. Loving and remembering your sweet girl with you, tonight and always. xo

  30. Because of Hannah, I "met" you, Katy, and you added to the support I have received for my own loss. I'm glad your hubby will be off so you can do some family things together. I know you miss her so much - the greatest promise we have is that she is in the presence of the Lord. Happy, happy Heavenly birthday, Hannah!!!(((HUGS)))

  31. Happy Birthday Hannah, many are celebrating with you today and loving you always! Blow your mommy kisses from the clouds. xxx

  32. Happy first birthday Hannah. Hannah and so many other sweet little babies gone too soon have helped me to know I am not alone in my pain. I believe all our babies brought us all together to help us through this journey. I thank Hannah and many others for that. <3

  33. Katy, I'm in tears just trying to write this down. I never enter giveaways, but when I saw your question, I couldn't resist telling you just how much Hannah has affected my life.

    Little Hannah, I once had a dream of you. I saw you and Samantha holding hands together. For a moment i felt related to you. This dream is not just a dream, because one day I will walk through those gates, and I will see this as a reality. I will know you when I see you are the sweet precious little girl standing next to Samantha, loving her as she waits for her momma to arrive.

    Because you were born, because God created you so special, my little Sammi has a friend in Heaven. Because you were born, because God created you so special, your mommy was inspired to reach out to others. Today I read a verse that applies to this very moment. Hebrews 10:24 "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." This is what your mommy does for others because of you. She not only does good because of you, but the seed of love and faith and courage that was planted deep in your mommy's heart the day you were born, God has in turn used to plant hope, faith, courage and good deeds from the lives of others. Hannah, you don't even have to try to be special. You ARE special, just being you, just existing, just having been born the way you are has inspired so many to love others the way your mommy loves us BLM's so deeply.

    So Katy, in answer to how Hannah has affected my life: Hannah's very spirit, has touched my own soul. Hannah's hands have touched my Samantha. Hannah's eyes have seen my Savior. Hannah's smile has lit up my mothers face. Hannah's friendship to my girls in Heaven is very real to me because of my dream. Hannah's joy has been rays of light to many. So yes, a million times yes! Hannah has affected my life, and so so many others.

    Love you always...