Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Maybe it's the eyes of loss, but looking around I see so much sadness in the world. Yet in the midst of it all there is something else. Something much bigger than sadness. Much braver and wiser and definitely much more needed. Love. I see love.

A father painfully recounts his son's last days. It's been the worst year of his life. A mother shares the eulogy she's delivered only a matter of days ago. How will she live without her son? Tears. Tears and pain and hurt and heartache. Sadness. Yet the response is overwhelming. The blanket of love that wraps around them is amazing to behold.

I remember well those dark dark days when my daughter was first taken. It was cold. It was lonely. I was desperate and despaired and angry. I was a sad that has no description because it is just beyond words. Two and a half years later I am wrapped in a beautiful blanket of LOVE. All because of Hannah. It is amazing and beautiful and yes, still sad. But thank you to all of you who are part of that warmth which surrounds me.

I miss blogging. I started a different blog but it just doesn't feel right. This is her place and I just need to feel her.


  1. I have missed reading your posts here. Beautiful words. Yes, despite all the pain and sorrow, there is love...and I am eternally grateful for our sweet babies. And for the support of the blogging community. <3

  2. Our babies certainly do bring us so much love ♥

  3. Love you friend. Grateful for the legacy of your sweet Hannah... xoxoxo

  4. This is just beautiful! Thank you sweet friend! Love and hugs!