Monday, October 26, 2009

It's out there.....

Today my package left for the hospital. I pray they receive this information with an open mind and a heart willing to change. What I did was put together a binder full of information on Pregnancy & Infant Loss. Everything from dealing with the grief to Parent & Child Rights. Our's and Hannah's were so devastatingly violated. I am thankful to the National Share Organization for sending me this material.

Then I made a memory box, dedicated to my daughter, filled with a candle, rose and some hopefully comforting words graced by a pair of angel wings.

How I miss my angel. It has been five weeks today. How I love that beautiful face. Sweet smile. Tiny hands and feet. One day I will hold her again.


  1. In the hospital, I would also include an ink pad, and a paper to put the little one's tiny footprints on. This tiny piece of paper means more than anyone that has not suffered the loss of a child can imagine.