Monday, November 2, 2009

A letter from Daddy.....

My husband just shared this with me today. We sent balloons up to Hannah on October 21, a month after her passing. My husband and I both attached a letter to our balloon. Bobby painted his little sister a picture.

This is my husband's letter.

To My Sweet Hannah,

Daddy wants you to know, even though I know you already do, that I miss my little girl. I miss a lifetime of moments we won’t spend together. I don’t understand why, but I want you to know that it doesn’t matter why anymore. What matters is you, my memory of you, my love for you and the dreams I will have of you for as long as I live. I live your life for you every day, a piece at a time. Your funny baby sounds, your favorite toys, your sweet little outfits and run ins with your big brother. I feel as if I am there already at your first day of school, meeting your first boyfriend, seeing you all dressed up for a prom, becoming a beautiful woman like your mommy. I wish I could hold your hand, walk you down the aisle, hug you with all that I am, with all my love. These dreams will never stop sweet little girl. I will live your life as I live my own each day, holding you in a special place in my thoughts and in my heart.

There is no end baby. You are forever. Forever with me and Mommy and Bobby.

I Love You,


  1. That's beautiful. It is so touching to see such amazing love from two wonderful parents.