Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have been an absolute mess these past few days. I feel like I have completely unraveled, come undone. I can't come any more apart than I already am. I need to try to reassemble myself. Regain my composure. Wipe away the tears from my flushed complexion. Get rid of the headache from my sorrow. Find some string and stitch my heart back together. This all requires much more strength than I feel I have.

I pray that God will just give me the strength. Work in me and through me. Propel me forward for Your own glory. I cannot do it without You.


  1. I really believe He will. Praying for your heart.


  2. God will give you the strength. You just need to give it all to Him. Know you can't do it on your own. His grace is sufficient and His comfort is all encompassing.