Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Her Place.....

Last night in my grief Bible study group we were talking about the place our babies hold in our families. I have been thinking about this a lot since then.

Hannah's place will always be as my daughter. But if your daughter is not here, how do people know she is your daughter? I know she is my daughter. If she is not the first thought on my mind, she is the second. That is the farthest she travels. In my heart and soul I feel her all around me. Her presense, her spirit still lives in me. I know she is with me. You just can't see her. So how do you know about my daughter?

I want Hannah's tangible existence to be in the works I do. I want her soul to shine through the things I create in her honor. I want other people to feel her spirit, her presense which I pour out into my work. That is her place. Her place as my daughter. She has made me a much, much better person than I had ever dreamed. She has shown me a sorrowful, desperate, despaired side of life where I have met the most wonderful, faithful and compassionate people. And she has made me one of them.

Thank you, Hannah. Mommy loves you and misses you so very, very much.


  1. Katy,

    You are allowing all those you meet to come to know and remember Hannah. Talk about her to those you know, love her in your heart, feel her spirit and continue to honor her beautiful legacy.

    I know Hannah's spirit and have thought of her many times over the past few days. When I think of Christian I think of Hannah and also of Megan, Shelby, Lynne, Layla, Michael, Camron, Carleigh and Xavien...all angels of whose Mothers continue to show me love and compassion.

    We will always remember your angel...keep sharing her legacy through your works :)

  2. I think of Hannah everyday and she is in my prayers every night. I kiss her beautiful picture and wear her heart around my neck. She will never be forgotten, she has touched so many people in the most beautiful way. She is my precious granddaughter in heaven and will always have a piece of my heart. Love you Hannah!

  3. Katy, this is so beautiful. I cried as I read it and listened to the song. So moved by your daughter's little beautiful spirit, so touched to be reminded what my Samantha Grace has done in me. Let me never forget.