Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And the Winner is.....[Plus Some Overdue Thank You's!]

Lea over at Nicholas' Touch! My son picked a number out of a bowl and that is how we officially decided! What a wonderful coincidence that ladybugs are her reminder, too! I'll be working on this special surprise right away! Secretly I am hoping that it will arrive on February 18 (Hannah's Due Date) but I'm no postal worker.....

I would also like to thank a few special women that have touched me with their kindness.

Bree over at My Baby Butterfly Ella made these beautiful butterflies for Hannah and my sweet Rainbow baby. Thank you so much, Bree!

Lisa over at Jasper Forever Our First-born and also Waterfall Angels, took these beautiful pictures of Hannah's name on a rock in front of the beautiful waterfalls. Thank you so much, Lisa!

And Megan over at Graceful Willows sent me this wonderful surprise of Hannah's name in the snow! Thank you so much, Megan! What a sweet bunch of women!


  1. Congrats, Lea!! Beautiful pictures, Katy!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I am so, so excited! Don't think it was a coincidence... just meant to be :)

    Thank you, Thank you!

    I still think of Hannah's Christmas ornament... I just loved making it.

  3. Such special keepsakes! Congrats to Lea :)

  4. Such beautiful gifts!!! Congrats Lea!

  5. You are too sweet.... thinking of you this week!

  6. Missed your giveaway! darn

    I love that you have these pics to share!