Friday, February 5, 2010


I have been busy. I like being busy. Busy is good.

I was thinking the other day as I was printing and cutting and folding and stapling. I was thinking of when I was pregnant with Hannah and all of the activities that had then filled my days. Bobby and I would do the usual morning routine, errands, snacktime, lunch and down for a nap. Once a week Gymboree. The afternoon was spent playing together and cooking dinner. Sometimes doing laundry or sweeping or dusting. His naptime had become my naptime. Life was monotonous. Life was good. I love routines and habits and plans.

Then I began to think about life now. How little has changed. How much has changed. Besides the internal changes in me, my outlook, my faith, my love and compassion, our morning and afternoon routines are exactly the same.

It's naptime that's different.

I spend those two and a half hours everyday with my daughter.

I make things for her memory boxes. I work on the Anchored by Hope website. I frantically e-mail Kristie lists and questions. I receive frantic e-mails in return. I craft and create. I meditate. I worship. I love.

I am full.

She has filled me up with such wonderful blessings. She has given me a purpose. She has essentially "woken me up" from naptime.

(I know you all have been praying for me as well. I have felt it. I posted about our Doctor visit for those who would like to read it.)

And speaking of naptime, look at the beautiful pillow and blanket Kristie made for Hannah.....

She also made me 10 beautiful blankets to include with Hannah's Delivering Hope Memory Boxes. I posted them on my Delivering Hope blog! I really can't thank her enough!


  1. What a beautiful outlook, Katy. I love LOVE the way you put it, when you said "She has filled me up with such wonderful blessings. She has given me a purpose. She has essentially "woken me up" from naptime." I can relate but my outlook is often more grim and depressing, lol. I need to look at it that way. What you are doing is beautiful and such a blessing to others. xx

  2. I am IN LOVE. If you read my blog, you know that anchors hold a VERY VERY special place in my heart. I even have an anchor tattoo on my right wrist for Nolan. I am a huge sucker for anchors.
    I love the website, when we found out Nolan was sick in utero for unknow reasons I found it ironic that the anchor stands for hope because thats what I always asked the Drs before I left each appointment. There's hope right? I cant even begin to tell you, his whole nursery (decorated before we knew he was sick) is nautical, his onsies had anchors because he was our cruise ship baby.
    Ok, I think I have gone off on a tangent, lol. I just wanted to share my love for anchors and your website :)

  3. What a beautiful post. You have such an amazing way of honoring the beautiful memory of your daughter. I think you are amazing!

  4. This is a beautiful post and you are amazing!

  5. I can relate to this, but lik Franchesca, in a different way. Here we are, sitting in the middle of the worst snow storm in nearly a century, and John and I just look at each other as if we have no idea of how to fill our time or what to do. The house could certainly use organizing, the basement could use a good going-through, I need to unpack, I have thank-you notes to write, taxes to file, essence, I have a TON to do and that could keep me busy for weeks and weeks.

    Yet, we just sit and look at each other as we watch the snow because we both know what we "SHOULD" be doing right now...and with whom we "SHOULD" be doing it...and I just don't have the motivation.

    I'm encouraged by you!

  6. Ack. I hate that my computer left the 'e' off of the word like. I can't stand not correcting that. I know...I'm a nut.

  7. What a beautiful post Katy. I think its so wonderful that you can find so much good from Hannah. She has given you special gifts. *hugs*

  8. Life in the "New Normal" is how I refer to these feelings. Many prayers to you Katy and know that I will be thinking of you in the coming days.


  9. Oh Katy, I'm so happy that you have found so many wonderful gifts from Hannah. I have felt these things from Madelyn too, even in spite of my pain, she has made my life more complete than it ever was before.